Desktop Anywhere

With our Desktop Anywhere service, your customers' can access their desktop from the cloud anywhere in the world at any time.

By virtualizing a users desktop into our secure cloud they can gain access to their applications, files, folders and customer systems without the restriction of being in the office or having to use a VPN; all they need is a web browser.

Customers can even use mobile devices, such as an iPad, to access their desktop, making this service perfect for customers with roaming users.

IT administration costs drop when using this service, due to the fact that all the administration is handled centrally in the cloud - rather than with devices such as roaming laptops, which often require a connection into the office in order to update, patch and push out policies to.

Security costs also drop - users connect to the cloud via an encrypted communication channel, so that the security can be centralized. Customers no longer have to worry about devices being stolen or compromised, as no customer data is stored locally on the device.